Website creation, Facebook & Instagram campaigns, virtual fairs, e-learning...

Creation of websites
Website responsive design, dynamic, graphic, referencing...
Facebook & Instagram campaigns
Creation & follow-up of Facebook & Instagram campaigns
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Virtual Fairs
Show room , magazines , boutique , real state...
Training, initiation, medical, tourism, art & culture...
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Digitalization & creation of dynamic computer sites:

Your website is the image of your company. That is why it must be given great importance, it cannot be a static site and it must continually evolve so that its customers consult it regularly, and that web engines could provide better visibility.

In this day and age, where more than 60% of websites are viewed on smartphones, your website must be 100% responsive. It should not simply display pages one after the other, your customer must be able to select his own search criteria in order to find the information he wants... that's a dynamic site. 

We use technologies that are constantly updated, and so is your site.

If your site is not properly referenced, you will not be visible on the web, even if you are well established. It is as if you were in a remote corner and nobody could find your sign! But it's not enough to have a website, you need a good referencing

Virtual Trade Fairs:

Allow your customers accessing to your virtual product knowledge if they miss the time to meet you on a direct way. This will give them the incentive to find out mor about your firm and get in touch with you. 

Can be organized in 2 different ways: a showroom where several brands are present, or your own showroom to exhibit only your products.

e-Learning :

We use a unique and exclusive system to create online sessions. Your customers, your employees, can learn when they want to, at their own pace and direct their own interest. They don't have to wait to log in or watch long videos, which are often only partially watched. Ask us for a demo!

Facebook & Instagram campaign:

We all know that it is a gateway to get known, but it is often badly used! It's not enough to have an account, you have to know how to use it well and regularly. For this, we have a team of specialists who can take this burden off you.