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Virtual exhibition

Nowadays virtual events are attractive for its ease to put on and for saving time. It is also dynamic, interactive, and even for some, it can be an integral part of their website, in order to attract more visitors. On top of this it has an unlimited range, for all devices connected to the Internet and anywhere in the world.

To this you can also add online conferences. It is a new way of being in contact with the customer, but it does not replace 100% a face-to-face exhibition.

Stand salon virtuel
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Stand d'exposition

The demand for face-to-face trade fairs has been growing steadily since 2004! With digitalisation, more and more customers want to be in contact with the company before they make a purchase. They want to be convinced that the purchase they want to make is the right one, and above all that there will be someone to follow up.

Our speciality is the creation of custom-made stands with our architects. We can build it 100% according to your image and wishes. If your budget is more limited, we can use our different structures that can be easily adapted to your future stand.

We have our own structure to produce all visuals, as well as LED screens that we can adapt to the format of your stand. We can also work with our cabinet makers to give your stand a more ecological touch.

We can set up your stand anywhere in Belgium and even in Europe. We have our own trucks and teams.

Fabricant de stands d'exposition
Concepteur de stands sur mesure
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Concepteur de stand sur mesure

Above all, a stand is mobile, it can be set up anywhere according to your needs. We can create a stand for a single event or a stand that can be adapted to your different needs. That is to say, for a classic trade show, adapt it in your showroom, put it at the disposal of one of your good customers...

stand d'exposition design
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Stands pour lieux insolites

And why not in an unusual place, in a shopping centre, on a market, in a gallery, in a public place... It's a way to get noticed or to launch one of your new products.

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